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Private Motor Insurance

Private Motor Insurance

At Insurance House we understand the value one places on his/her vehicle(s) and have with that in mind, constructed our private motor insurance policy.

Ensuring comprehensive protection against losses or damages to the motor vehicle itself due to accidents, as well as driver insurance coverage and the associated legal liabilities of death, bodily injuries and/or damages to other persons’ properties, our private motor vehicle insurance policy is bound to keep your mind at ease while on the road.

Moreover, Insurance House takes pride in offering its clients wider scope of coverage through accommodating any additionally required cover feature as an extra, tailor made policy add on. Such as covering death and/or permanent disabilities of insured drivers, their family members and/or insured employees.

Other optional insurance coverage such as: extended geographical areas coverage, road side assistance, coverage against various uncertainties (towing your car to the nearest vehicle repair shop, supplying petrol in case your car runs out of fuel and unlocking car doors should the car keys be lost) and the issuance of an orange card (covers damage to third parties resulting from accidents occurring outside the UAE within geographical areas extension caused by the insured vehicle).

As for customers who are looking for an economical yet legally-complying policy as set out by UAE law, Insurance House also offers such a stand-alone third party liability policy, which covers all the sums necessary to discharge an Insurer against legal liabilities towards bodily injuries or deaths to any third parties, and/ or property damage.

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