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Insurance House Opens New Branch in Mahwi
23rd February 2015

Insurance House P.S.C (IH) announced that it has opened a new branch in Mahwi, Abu Dhabi.

This is the fifth branch of Insurance House in the U.A.E, in addition to its head office and branches in Dubai, Sharjah, Mussafah and Samha which reflects the management’s responsive approach to the increasing demand on its product offerings.

Commenting on this event, Mohammed Othman, Chief Executive Officer of Insurance House said: “The establishment of a new branch in Mahwi complements our network expansion strategy in the U.A.E and marks another major milestone of which we are all proud. With the support of our management and clients, we look forward to deepening our local presence and playing an even more significant role in the insurance industry.”

“The inauguration of the new branch in Mahwi is expected to cater to the high demand on IH’s products and services and enable us to expand our local outreach to our customers in such an underserved area,” added Othman.

“We adopt a client-led strategy which is characterized by focusing our presence on where our customers are concentrated.

By opening this branch, we also aim to add new potential customers to the existing client base. We believe our move will bring depth to our overall development activities and expand our footprint in line with our growth plans,” concluded Othman.

Insurance House offers a host of innovative insurance solutions to institutions as well as individuals across the U.A.E. Armed with the deep-rooted principles of customer satisfaction and improvement, Insurance House has adopted a flexible strategy, with a keen focus on responding to the ever-changing market needs and diverse customer requirements.


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