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Corporate Governance

Playing the detrimental role of establishing a solid corporate governance culture within the company, is our Board of Directors.

Defining and enforcing standards of accountability within our daily operations, our board members are required to submit themselves for re-election at least once every three years and ensure that the company is being managed in compliance with the best interests of its shareholders.

With formally set meeting schedules, our board takes the responsibility of the company’s overall strategies, acquisitions, divestment policies, capital expenditure proposals and other significant matters related to investment. Nonetheless, the board is continually monitoring the company’s exposure limits to key business risks, its annual budget and the progression of its budgeted proposals, taking into consideration both environmental and employee related variables.

Chairman of the Board: The role of the Chairman of the Board is to facilitate the board’s independent functionality, while maintaining and enhancing the quality of Insurance House’s corporate governance.

Committee of the Board: We have three Committees of the Board of Directors, which are the Internal Audit & Compliance Committee, the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, and the Investment Committee. The committees operate under written charters that set out their responsibilities and composition requirements. The committees are composed of Independent and Non-Executive Directors.

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