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Alternative Advertising

Firmly believing in a diversified approach pertaining to our Insurance policy suite, Insurance House has a similarly strong stance towards its marketing channels. As such, we strive to seek alternative channels which are the most relevant to our clients’ interests in order to effectively communicate our intended messages. Through giving back to the community, and supporting entities and initiatives that ultimately promote the wellbeing of individuals, corporate and the nation as a whole; Insurance House frequently undergoes such alternative advertising donations and functional support within the UAE with a focus on two major avenues:

  • Emiratization: Enabling UAE nationals to achieve their full potential and further develop their competencies, is a task we do not take lightly. With internally set and structured Emiratization programs, we provide a school of support and guidance to UAE Emiratis throughout their career journey with us. With a drive to become the nation’s preferred insurance sector employee of UAE nationals our Emiratization programs are lucratively designed to develop and attract local talent.
  • Going Green: Being environmentally cautious has always been embedded with our operations. Recycling paper, supporting energy saving alternatives and educating the public about going green is among our top priorities.

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Our Company

Insurance House is a public joint stock insurance company incorporated in Abu Dhabi subject to provision of Federal Law number (6) for the year 2007, with total paid up capital of AED 120 Million.


Our Objective

Insurance House offers a host of comprehensive products and services designed to provide insurance solutions to institutions as well as individuals.



We live in world full of rapid changes and interlinked aftermaths, which is why we stand firmly in belief that we each have a role in contributing to the betterment of the community.


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