Dividends History - Insurance House

Dividends History

Updated on a frequent basis our attributed earnings and dividends are broken down to ensure our shareholders are well aware of their yearly entitled returns.

Year Cash Dividend Bonus Shares Dividend Payout Ratio
2018 None None 1%
2017 None None None
2016 None None None
2015 None None None
2014 None None None
2013 None None None
2012 None None None
2011 None None None

Additional Stakeholder Information

In depth stats and information relevant to shareholder payouts.


Ownership Statistic

Go through the accountable breakdown of Insurance House’s stock ownership.


Key Shareholders

Find out more about our stakeholders and main shareholders.



Gain a better overview of our financial stance; monitor our implemented changes and their reflective translations into numbers and figures through viewing our our quarterly published financial reports.



Please find below an outline of our planned activities throughout the year, from events to product/service launches, branch openings and alternative activities our yearly calendar is frequently updated to reflect any additional yearly provisions.


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