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Electronic Equipments

Electronic Equipments

This type of policy covers physical losses or damages to electronic or electrical equipment such as Electronic Data Processing (EDP) equipment, Electrical Equipment like medical, communication and navigational equipment due to any unforeseen and sudden cause.

In addition to losses and/or damages to the equipment itself, this coverage also encompasses the following:

  • External Data Media:

    This section covers the loss of external data media which includes stored information and the cost of reprocessing and retrieving lost information.

  • Increased Cost of Working:

    This entails, additional expenditure incurred on hiring or using a substitute for the EDP equipment, transport charges for personnel, their accommodation expenses away from their base and night work or work done during public holidays.

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Deterioration of Stock

This type of policy is issued in combination with Machinery Breakdown policy, and covers deterioration of stock kept in cold storage due to the breakdown of refrigerating machinery.

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This insurance policy provides coverage against unforeseen and sudden physical losses or damages to electrical or mechanical erection project works, contractors’ plant and machinery, temporary facility as well as principal existing property which includes loss or damages during testing or commissioning. In addition, this insurance policy may also provide cover to the contractor against possible liabilities towards third parties.

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