Insurance House | Insurance House Participates In Earth Hour 2015
Insurance House Participates In Earth Hour 2015
28th March 2015

It comes as no surprise that every day we are intensifying the use of nature’s resources, a given phenomenon that comes in junction with developments and advancements in both the human race and progressive evolution. Just like a well-oiled machine requires partial hibernation every now and then, so does our planet. Mark your calendars for the world’s largest grassroots environmental movement towards action on climate change, Earth Hour.

  • Turn off all the lights on Saturday the 28th of March, 2015 at 8:30 pm
  • Take it upon yourself to invest more time and effort in living a green more sustainable lifestyle
  • Register your efforts by #YourPowerUAE and #InsuranceHouse on social networks
  • Visit our Facebook page for more details on EarthHour and join our event to participate
  • Visit EWS-WWF’s website for more details and Environmental donations

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