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Insurance House Champions Safe Driving with a 28% Discount on Motor Insurance for ‘Accident-Free Day’
28th August 2023

In support of Accident-Free Day by the Ministry of Interior and General HQs of the Police

Insurance House PJSC (IH), one of the leading insurance institutions in the United Arab Emirates, is slashing its motor insurance product premiums by 28% Off for prudent drivers for 30 days starting 29th August to 27th September 2023 in support of ‘Accident-Free Day’ on 28th August 2023. The nationwide campaign, launched by the UAE Ministry of Interior and the General Headquarters of the Police, aims to promote safe driving during the first day back-to-school and highlight the significance of road safety, particularly for families commuting with children.

The initiative, which coincides with the ‘Our Children are a Trust’ traffic campaign, offers motorists the chance to get an official certificate and four black points removed from their traffic files by registering with the Ministry of Interior and signing an online pledge to participate in a day without accidents, in addition to avoiding recording any traffic violations or accidents on 28th August 2023.

The Federal Traffic Council at the Ministry of Interior also urged motorists to follow basic traffic rules, including fastening seat belts, staying within the speed limit, and leaving a safe distance between vehicles. Motorists are also encouraged to conduct vehicle safety checks, especially for school buses.

Insurance House Chairman Mohammed Alqubaisi said: ”The ‘Accident-Free Day’ campaign initiated by the Ministry of Interior and the General Headquarters of the Police is a movement towards a safer UAE. By emphasising responsible driving and community involvement, we are not only reducing risks but also fostering a culture of care and vigilance on our roads. It is a testament to our collective commitment to protect every journey, every day."

Chairman Alqubaisi added: “Insurance House is committed to being more than just an insurer. We aim to be a supportive pillar in the community, especially for initiatives that prioritise the safety and well-being of our citizens.”

Insurance House Chief Executive Officer Issam Mouslimani said: "We at Insurance House believe that safe driving should be rewarded; therefore, we are proud to offer an exceptional premium discount of 28% for prudent driver for  motor insurance premiums. We aim to drive this message home through our support for the ‘Accident-Free Day’ campaign."

Insurance House offers a wide range of affordable, high-quality motor insurance products, including covers and services that meet international standards, comply with local requirements, and encompass both conventional and specialised insurance classes. On 28th August the company will offer 28% discount on its motor insurance policy, subject to terms and conditions.



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