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Commercial Motor Insurance

Commercial-motor-insuranceOur Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy provides comprehensive protection against the loss or damages to the Motor Vehicle itself due to accident, as well as covers driver - associated legal liabilities against death or bodily injuries and/or damages to other persons’ properties.

Insurance House’s, superior customization, includes a number of additional benefits tailor-made according to our customers’ needs such as those that cover death and/or Permanent disabilities of insured drivers or their family members or insured employees. Other optional insurance coverage like extend geographical areas coverage, Road Side Assistance ; likewise, providing coverage against various uncertainties such as towing of your car to the nearest vehicle repair shop, supplying of petrol in case your car runs out of fuel and unlocking of your car doors in case of lost keys
In case of customers who look for economical packages, Insurance House can offer a stand alone Third Party Liability Policy, covering all sums necessary to discharge our Insured legal liabilities toward bodily injuries or death to any Third Party, or damage of property to the latter in an accident due to the use of the insured vehicle.


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