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ADCB TouchPoints

ADCB TouchPoints

Insurance House is proud to be the first insurance company where customers can redeem their ADCB TouchPoints and get bonus while using their credit cards.  

Working in close partnership with ADCB, Insurance House customers will be eligible to redeem their TouchPoints and to spend them on Motor Insurance or other insurance products.

Additionally, customers who purchase policies at Insurance House with their credit/debit cards would receive bonus TouchPoints.

ADCB TouchPoints offers include amazing benefits:

  • Instant TouchPoints offer:

Redeem your remaining ADCB TouchPoints on Motor Insurance or other insurance products with Insurance House.

  • Bonus TouchPoints offer:

Purchase policies from Insurance House using your ADCB credit/debit card and get 2 bonus TouchPoints for AED 1 spent.

Insurance House remains committed to offer its clients unique and valuable services and to invent innovative insurance solutions that cover all customers’ insurance needs through its offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.  


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